We would love to know if you might be interested in including your luxury villa on our new platform.

World Luxury Villas is dedicated to a select clientele who loves to travel in full comfort and looks for unique and exclusive destinations. In World Luxury Villas we will offer the same level of service and the same passion to new customers who will choose our villas outside Sicily.


We have always worked through direct contact with villa owners, to ensure both an optimal organization of the holiday from the point of view of guests and the protection of the property and assets within it for proprietors. Both, we feel, are essential for the credibility of our business and it is on this foundation that we have built Sicily Luxury Villas and are building World Luxury Villas.


If you are interested, please leave us some information on your property using the following questionnaire.


It will be a pleasure for us to contact you to start a new and hopefully exciting collaboration.